Legal Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of these "Terms and Conditions" Denebola d.o.o. will be the "Company" and the person signing the booking form will be the "Customer".
Only the conditions set out in the Company's offer and the Customer's acceptance will be considered a contract.
A booking is not secure until the Company has received the appropriate deposit and the completed signed booking form.
a) 1st payment (till 7 days) after signing the booking form
b) the full amount must be paid within 45 days prior departure. Failure to pay by the given date will be considered as cancellation of the booking.
Cancellation Conditions
In case of cancellation, the following penalties will be applied. Counting back from the cruise departure date:
- before to 30 days: 50% of the full price
- 29 to 19 days: 80% of the full price
- 18 to 0 days: 100% of the full price
No reimbursement will be granted to those Customers who will not be present on departure or will renounce during the course of the travel. No reimbursement will be granted to whom cannot carry out the travel for lack of insufficiency on personal documents. The Customers who will renounce can be replaced with another person, but the communication of the change must reach the Company in latest, 7 days prior departure. In the case of possible substitution, the Company will debit to the renouncing Customer all the costs caused by this substitution.
Company cannot compensate for changes in planned cruise-itinerary due to adverse weather conditions and equipment breakdowns: unavailability of labour due to strikes, lockouts, political or labour disturbances. Company reserve the right in case labour disturbances as great damage of the ship, war and similar, to cancel agreed charter and refund all deposits. No refunds can be made for cancelled cruise arrangements due to adverse weather or for substitution of facilities and/or equipment or minor inconvenience once a trip begins.
Change of original booking
If the Customer changes the original booking the Company will make every effort to accommodate the Customer's requirements. However if it is not possible then the cancellation charges will apply.
Liability - The Company does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense that may arise from any event for whatever reason over which the Company has no control. The Company has no control over the supply of services from any supplier and, or their agents servants or employees. The Company will make every effort to provide assistance to the Customer in the event of any reasonable complaint or claim, including pursuing any supplier of services, or owner of the vessel chartered for compensation.
Baggage travels at owner's risk and the Company is not responsible for any loss or damage of the baggage.
Complaints and denunciations
The Customer, with penalty of lapse must report in writing,before end of cruise. The Customer allows the right to lapse if asking the Company the compensation of the possible damages or money losses objects of high economical value and any title, if the Customer has not reported in writing these personal properties before the end of the travel and consequently has not insured them.
Sharing Your Information
Terms and Conditions of any booking are subject to Croatian Law and jurisdiction. The travel contract is regulated by The Civil Law of Croatia. The responsibility of the Organisation of the travel cannot in any case exceed the limits of the mentioned law.